Monday, May 7, 2012

quick trip over the mountains and through the woods

Mom wanted to take the kids for a couple days, and the hubby was out of town, so I loaded them up and took them to mom’s after work on Saturday and stayed overnight. 

We did a lot of fun random things…

I wrote “welcome” on her chalkboard project and we hung it off of a jute string duct taped to the back…



Highly technical.

We took the kiddos on a golf cart ride and I tried in vain to get them to be normal at the same time for a photo…




As you can see I got to practice photography in direct sunlight again.  So troublesome for me.  Notice how the kids look okay but the background is going toward all white, or “blown out”?  Not sure there is any way to avoid it in these situations.

I told mom I was remembering to capture photos of the kiddos doing the everyday things, but that Mark was so hard to photograph because he was always being silly.  She thought I was exaggerating until she watched me try.  Then she said, ‘no wonder you take more pictures of Susie!”

I took pictures of details and things everywhere we went, I was just in that kind of mood…


This washer (?) is on the collapsing deck of an abandoned cabin along our golf cart ride to the wilderness.

We hung a mirror of my mom’s from a glass knob and jute string on the wall above her bathtub…



We have more plans for this wall.  I’m sure I’ll share someday when we finish it.

I went for a walk and found more details and some scenery…






I love it this time of year when the lush spring grass starts emerging from the old and dead.



Mom’s daffodils are the best and the sun was glorious.

I made three necklaces the first night I was there…





I am happy with them all and they were so easy.  They were from $6 to $10 each to make.  I still have stuff to make a couple more with three blue stones and enough marble beads for a wrap bracelet.

The kiddos were having a blast playing outside in the vitamin D.



Poor dear.  Her little nose got sliced across both nostrils when she hit an obstacle while pushing a laundry basket around the house at a rapid rate of speed.  She came to a sudden stop and went flying nose first into the laundry basket where her nose landed in one of the little slots. 

I shot this photo through my sunnies on my way out of the valley…


I love the pattern they did in the wood.

Now, the big decision… my mom kept the kiddos… what to do tomorrow on my day off!!??

Happy Monday!

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