Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentines day craftiness


wow I have been pinning some valentines day crafts lately.  We only got around to making two of them.  I was taking the kids to a valentine’s party and we had to have each kid bring 12 valentines so we rounded up some supplies and got busy…


DSC_0568 DSC_0569




We let the madness dry overnight.  This morning we picked up where we left off.  The kids started writing “From:” and their names on the valentines, while I worked on the goodies for inside the bags…







I wanted to do heart shaped doilies for the little red hots packets, like these on pinterest, but all the stores were out of them.  We put the packets in the bags and tied them up with twine.  The bag in the last photo is the one I made, two simple hearts intwined.  Awww.  The kids went crazy with theirs – they were awesome – covered in hearts. 

For our other card, we did a simple little construction paper card, with a scrap of lace and a paper heart sewn on the front.  Inside, we glued this:


At that point there were no pictures, we were out the door!  See the red letters?  I always thought that was so clever.  Mark got a kick out of the fact that you could write “down” or “regular” which he “didn’t know before.”  =)

I also did a heart attack for the hubby.  I have seen cooler versions, but the one I did was just a bunch of construction paper hearts on our door, on each one I had written something I love about him.  I did it late last night after he fell asleep, so first thing this morning he went to hit the shower and saw the “heart attack.”  Next year, should I cover the lawn?

Do my pictures look super orange to you, or is it just me?  I get the white balance decent on my camera LCD, but then when I load them, they’re still orange.  That’s okay, I’m challenging myself to keep working on it and stick to SOOC (straight out of camera) here on the blog for at least another week – my paycheck on Monday will allow me to buy a new laptop!  I respect my hubby even more for saving all year to surprise me with the van – it took all the willpower I could muster to save a month and a half’s paychecks for the laptop!  =)  I feel like I am in a new clothing famine!  I guess that proves I was buying too many clothes with my paychecks.  =)

Anyway, I gotta go agonize over what to make for dinner.  What are you having???

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