Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Did you all like how I jumped right into What I Wore Wednesday without it being a Wednesday last time?  Was anyone confused?  When I read my first WIWW over on the Pleated Poppy, I was like, “Why are there so many out fits???  She wore 5 different outfits on Wednesday???”  My slow little brain eventually figured out she was posting what she wore for the week on Wednesday.  Slow.  Someone told me last weekend that I need more RAM.  In my brain.  Sad but true.

So since it is WEDNESDAY, I am showing you what I wore this week.  =)


Got this green sweater from Forever21 (my new weakness), and really like it.  It was $12.  Goes great over my ON gingham shirt from last summer.  I got the heart locket from F21 for $2.80 (I needed to spend two bucks to get free shipping!), it appears to be sold out.

I had to take a pic of little Susie this week for the first edition of What Susie Wore Wednesday…


Check her out copying my stripes and yellow from last time!  And I know she is blurry (phone cam) but check out her posing, that little sassy pants.  Dress and shoes are Gap Outlet (not online), those shoes are little TOMS copy cats – so cute.  Sweater was Target last summer.  Leggings are Old Navy.

And lastly, I actually took a picture for you using my big girl camera…


I am trying to rock the leggings more apart from wearing them under dresses – but it feels so … naked!  I got away with doing it here with this shirt which is basically for all intents and purposes almost a dress.  I have to ease myself into these things.  I probably should have layered in boot socks, and in fact, I froze that day, so I really should have.  Shirt is from Plato’s Closet, $3.  Leggings are Target (I like their wide waistband).  Boots are BearPaws from Fred Meyer – thanks mom!

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  1. I love the leggings look Tasha!

  2. I'm with ya on the leggings. Not only do they look super cute with boots or flats, they are so dang comfy.

  3. I don't wanna hurt your feelings...but I am totally into that fashion diva Susie! I love What Susie wore long as she keeps rocking those poses. She kills me. Your looking good too ;) But really...I dont dress that well most days. Good work. CALL ME!