Monday, February 20, 2012



I have a few random previews for you today. 

I had to run to work to do one sitting we had scheduled before we decided to have the day off, and now I’m back home, working on my bedroom ‘makeover’. 

Here is a teaser of the artwork I redid…


I am super duper excited about it – it was one of those things I just started without a plan and was frustrated that I didn’t have enough materials to do what I wanted to do, but I worked through it and scrapped it together and I love it!

Saturday I worked all day.  I got off and was looking forward to time with the family, and then relaxing after the kiddos went to bed.  I expected hubby to be home waiting for dinner already.  I called him the minute I got out of work, to find out he had finished his side job and taken the kids to Seattle and was doing all kinds of fun things with them, then he was taking them to his cousin’s to watch super cross on TV until late.  That’s when I had a poor me moment, and decided since I  accidentally drove to Target instead of the grocery store, I would just take my sorry self in there and do a little retail therapy.

I came out with this…


Now, the extra weird thing is, even though I tried on my dressing room limit of clothes and nothing worked out and I only left with a little stack of office supplies… I was strangely okay with that and a little excited about it.  I am weird.  I will share when I finish what I have planned for it.  =)

And the last preview is not as fun.  This is a preview of the attitude I will have to deal with when this one becomes a teenager…


Can you even imagine?!!  Check her out arguing her case.  She was also insisting on wearing Mark’s superhero underwear and his pj pants that I had to roll up 4 times so she didn’t trip.  She was mad because I told her she couldn’t do this any more…


I was cooking, the house was bustling like usual… but there was still a suspicious quietness – the house was lacking Susie’s usual constant input.  I turned around to find that she had gotten the sour cream off the counter, gotten a bowl out of the Tupperware drawer, gotten a spoon from the jars on the table, spooned sour cream into her bowl, and was eating it.  She was just about to get more when I told her no and she gave me that pathetic attitude.  Pray for me.  Like, a lot, please.

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  1. Haha! I noticed the pants right away! Hilarious. "BUT MOM"...thats what her face is telling you. She cracks me up! However, I do have an issue with her demanding certain pants and underwear but not a shirt. Hello sister...this isnt girls gone wild.