Friday, February 17, 2012

day off


Yesterday when miniature daffodils priced at 2 for $5 smiled at me outside my Fred Meyer I couldn’t resist.  I needed some spring in my life.  I rarely buy fresh flowers, but I like the fact that potted bulbs can be planted outside after the flowers fade.  I asked for them to be bagged in paper, with a plan already brewing…





That, my friends is a five minute pick-me-up.  They brightened up my windowsill for five seconds before I decided someone would drop the blinds on them and I couldn’t risk losing the sunshine they were already bringing to my day – I needed to re-locate them in safer areas around the house…




The last one is in the bathroom (which is in mid-makeover, BTW).  I must say, I suddenly felt like I was at a luxurious spa, how nice it was having fresh flowers in the bathroom!  But I don’t get to feel that way for long; there aren’t any windows in there, so I brought it in my room to get some light today.


And do you see those boots, people?  Those boots are Frye’s brand, sitting on my dresser.  As in the Frye boots that Pioneer Woman wears and gives away and raves about.  Well I happened to see these babies at Plato’s Closet, happened to try them on, they happened to be just my size, they happened to be barely broken in, and I happened to procure them for $35 and hugged them close to my person all the way home.  These boots probably sold for about $275 - $325 new, though they are out of stock now. Might be my best thrifting find as of yet!  Though I still think someday when I quit my job (no plans yet – just sayin’) I should take my whole last paycheck, walk into Nordstrom and buy a pair.  The Jane Boot or the Paige Tall Riding boot is my favorite, it’s a toss up.  That is totally rational, right?

I might not be totally rational right now, because I have been inadvertently, but out of necessity, breathing fumes from oil based primer for much of the day.  Out of necessity because the hubby and I would like to be able to watch our nightly Netflix from our bed (are we getting old and lazy or what?).  To do that, I need to bring down the TV from upstairs.  To do that I need to install bigger shelves where it will be placed.  To do that I need to first repair the wall they will hang on and repaint it.  And to do that it is necessary to inadvertently inhale some paint fumes.  No avoiding it.  I can’t wait to bring this project to you… here is a teaser…


And one more hint: it is a wood plank wall.

I better go finish so I can share sometime this century!  Peace!

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