Friday, September 9, 2011

word up


A couple weeks ago a friend dropped these off for me…

Photo_BE96DE08-BDFA-983E-2B16-7D03C4E89116 (1)

I had seen some at Farm Chicks and also at a local shop, and was thrilled to have some!  I am pretty sure I got tendonitis washing them  and drying them all (it took like like two hours).  Now I am playing with them around the house…




So many options.  The eat one is funny because if you are too close to the cabinets, you can’t see the bottom line on the “E” and it turns into “FAT” which sort of also applies.  I think the wedding date will be the permanent fixture.  And the rest will go to my sale this winter. 

What would you spell???


  1. Above the bed I would put "no way" or "yes please".

  2. I wanted some nice big letters for my kitchen too! Nice work :)