Wednesday, September 28, 2011

fragments from this week


so far this week I have repaired and finished what I broke last week; the sweetest little pin cushion you ever saw in your life…

DSC_0031  DSC_0030

I told you so.  ;)

These little footed milkglass bowls (and a larger size as well) are at thrift stores pretty frequently… I am on them like a blood hound so I can make some of these for my sale.  This one is all mine.  That globe in the background; I got it at a yard sale for $1… a score for my sale?  Not so much, I made the mistake of putting it in my bedroom.  I think it has to stay.

In rare homeschool news, =) I came up with a daily schedule!  This is miraculous for me.  I got a curriculum and didn’t really love it, especially since we’re only in preschool.  Here is my format…


The letter craft looks like this today because I was lazy…

DSC_0005  DSC_0008

The idea is to familiarize the child with the shape of the letter. I usually do something like glue scraps of paper to fill in the letter, or something like using macaroni noodles to fill in the letter “M” for macaroni, or build a letter out of straight and curved lines.  When lazy = coloring it in works just fine. 

The word for the day was “good” so we sounded that out and he copied it down and drew a “good” thing; him sharing his helicopter toy with a friend.  =)

I also added in building.  Every day we are going to build with blocks, play dough, toothpicks and gumdrops, etc., focusing on all the letters for review.  Mark made some great letters…


O, A, M, T, P. 

Then of course reading


I even put the books on the wall in the homeschool area, and still forgot to do reading every day, so now I have it written down.  I need lists.  For vocabulary, I plan on just pointing out the meanings of words in the reading, as needed.

So that’s my new homeschool schedule.

In other random news… I got bright yellow rubber boots and I love them…


I even wore them to a wedding last weekend…


I happened to be shooting at the wedding and it happened to rain most of the day, otherwise that would have been super weird, instead of just weird.  =)  That photo of me is courtesy of my pastor, Ron Sallee.  Thanks, Ron!  I can’t wait to share the photos with you all; I am still sorting through about 700 images and editing.  Fun stuff!

Last but not least, my Shadow came back.  Almost a year ago, I leased out my horse, Shadow, because I wasn’t giving her the time she deserved.  But a couple weeks ago, the girl leasing her broke her knee and will not be able to ride again, so I am finding Shadow a new home again.  I had to share this shot from the other morning…



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