Thursday, September 29, 2011

lately… on a Thursday


Haha, just kidding, I am not doing a Thursday Latelies video like Leah does.  I HATE being on that side of still OR video cameras alike.  But, I do have a great find to share with you.  Actually, I just thought of another one, so TWO great finds to share with you.  Sorry, I am YELLING a lot today. I’ll try to tone it down some.  =)

I used to use a mainstream mascara which I will allow to remain anonymous, which always stung when it got in my eye, when washing it off or rubbing my eyes.  Well last year my MIL got me Clinique high impact mascara for Christmas…


Not only does it not sting my eyes, but it has somehow allowed my lashes to grow longer!  No, I did not use Latisse… does anyone besides Brooke use that stuff?  No, my hypothesis is that it doesn’t stick so bad to my lashes and doesn’t break them off or make them pull out as often.  Seriously though, my lashes are longer now.  True story.

Secondly, I picked up my usual cheap old shampoo last week.  I’ve used Pantene Pro-V for like a million years.  I’m not picky about hair products.  I use their Frizzy to Smooth formula, which I kinda figured probly didn’t work but at least it would try to tame my beast.  Last week when I picked it up I noticed they added “90% humidity control” to the label.  Yeah, right.  I thought.  I wish.  But, low and behold it worked!  I straighten my hair, but I run around at work and it was hot last week, so I get sweaty start to glisten and my hair wigs out.  Every day.  With this shampoo: straight as a board.  I thought it was a fluke.  I didn’t wash my hair and touched up my bangs with the flat iron the next day.  Hot again.  Still straight as a board.  Three more washes now, and now we have switched from hot/muggy to damp/raining and even though I run through the rain between buildings all day at work: straight as a board.  What a lovely surprise.  This is what it looks like…


It is still new; Target didn’t have the conditioner version yet, and I can’t find either one online to buy or link you to. 

There you have it.  My non-Thursday Latelies post about products I love today… which just so happens to be Thursday.  =)

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  1. Mascara that burns your eyes...that cant be good. Why do they even make stuff like that?