Tuesday, September 20, 2011

new creations, a print, and a treat


Okay, so here are the new creations I mentioned in yesterday’s post…


Firstly, Leah showed me these beaded bracelets last time she visited, and I have wanted to make one ever since.  I had one pinned on Pinterest, and it linked to this tutorial.  I got ‘er done during an hour of streaming LOST...


I love it.  I never want to take it off and I want to make many more.  Leah, if you were going to have one which color/colors would you want the beads?  Hypothetically speaking, of course.  ;)

Secondly, how sweet is that little milk glass coffee cup pin cushion!?  I love it.  I love mixing vintage finds with modern fabrics.  I have another milk glass one in the works, but I had a little accident…


It needs a little super glue love, and then it will be the cutest stinking pin cushion you have ever seen in your life.  And that one, my friends, will NOT make it to the sale pile, let me just go ahead and admit that right now.  Well, of course it won’t because it is broken/repaired, but even before I broke it, I knew it would need to be mine.  In fact, I already moved my own personal pin cushion to the sale pile to make room for the sweet thing.  Must buy superglue.  And I am fiercely hunting for more of the footed milk glass bowls at thrift stores everywhere!

Oh, and I have had a little love affair with the quote “keep calm and carry on” for some time now.  I finally created a file I am happy with, and will offer it as a print at my sale and possibly in my {currently empty} Etsy shop soon…


Isn’t it fun?!  The crown was from an old English book.  LOVE IT.

Lastly, you need to make this.  Now.  Like Ryan says, they don’t look like much at first…


Oh, but they are much… so much!!!


I recommend making a double batch of sauce, and adding half of it with the bread when you bake it, and save half for drizzling on top when you serve them.  We called them Monkey Brains growing up, in youth group.  They take me back.  This is Pastor Ryan’s recipe {via PW} which is pretty close the recipe we used in youth group.  Make sure you have some people to help you eat them or it could be dangerous.  Very dangerous.



  1. kristel (the girl you used to play soccer with)Sep 20, 2011, 8:05:00 PM

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bracelet! I might be a copycat and try to make one. Dem monkey brains look super delicious!

  2. You totally did it! That bracelet is killer! Um...If I got to custom order one from a dear friend I would pick something like the link below. Think sea glass instead of turquoise.