Monday, September 19, 2011

thrift junky chronicles no. 13


Haha, can you tell I have been working a lot?  Now that the kids are back in school, I don’t shoot senior pictures in the mornings or midday anymore, so I hope I can get back into a most-days blogging groove again!  Today is attempt numero uno.

Some recent Goodwill finds…


I love collecting random juice glasses at goodwill.  They’re like $0.49, and I think it’s fun to have a variety. 

Also, I buy any silverware with the dot borders, that way mine all look like they match but I can spend $0.25 each, and not have to drop $30 on a set all at once.  Since I started doing this I don’t run out of silverware anymore! 

Also, I’ve had a few decent finds at the jewelry counter lately.  This time I got three bangle bracelets for $1.99, a yellow necklace for $3.99 and two wooden-bead blue and green necklaces for $4.99.  Not as cheap as I hoped it would be, but still cheaper than retail.  Oh, and the wooden ones – a best friend had them.  I put them in a cute dish when we organized her bathroom once.  She had them at our co-garage sale.  I didn’t see them.  She donated them to G-will.  I bought them.  She said, “Hey I like your necklaces, did I give you those??”  I said, “I got them at Goodwill, but I thought they looked like yours!”  There were originally three, but she kept one of them, so they must be hers!  True story.  Crazy!!!

Back to the finds… I like to look for bread pans and small baking trays; they’re good for food prep and organizing!

The weird test tube thingy was a shot in the dark at making a cute vase with my mattress spring from Farm Chicks…


It was a fail.  It was a good try though, right?  So close and yet… not close enough.  Maybe I will label it as a “wonky vase” and try to sell it.  ;)

I found a cute yellow vintage Pyrex dish (it was just sweet), and a stack of sweet little plates, straight from 1989.  Remember the pin cushion I made out of a bowl just like them here?  Yeah, had a project idea, went back for more, and these plates were the last of them, sadly.  I got them all.  And also one last candle stick I needed for the same project…


I made a couple sweet mini cake stands for my sale.  What do you think?  I am having trouble physically moving them to the sale pile, but I must.  Right now they are displaying two recent creations…  this post is getting too long and I should actually get out of my pjs sometime today, so I will share my creations with you tomorrow!


  1. super cute cake stands! Are they cupcake size?

  2. Yeah, almost five inches across.