Friday, November 19, 2010

Tea Towel Pillow Cover

While on the state surplus run, Leah and I stopped in for lunch at Ikea. We had no room for anything else in the van, but had planned on eating at Ikea and we were both craving their trademark meatballs, so we breezed through. On the way through, I happened to spot some cute dish towels for $0.49/ea, and had to snag four of them-- I could fit them in the van for sure. Leah keeps mentioning a blogger who has towels folded in a locker basket by her sink and I am planning on stealing the idea. Before I could get to that, somehow I had an epiphany to cover a little pillow with one, though!

The dish towel folded over the pillow perfectly, matching up on all sides.

I tied a bulky knot at the end of my thread (a loop would have been better), and hid it by starting on the inside between the two layers of dish towel, and sewing a simple straight stitch by hand right on top of the existing hem stitches, down one end and then the long side, then pausing to slip it over the pillow...

I pulled it all the way on and then closed up the last edge by finishing that straight stitch, tying it off in between the seams and cutting the thread.

I am really happy with the way it came out! It is homey and has character; it almost looks old! Now I can't wait to get two fluffy new down pillow forms for my couch and sew up something similar... maybe linen... mattress ticking... or burlap... or even corduroy... oh the possibilities!!

I should have waited and taken pictures in the daylight, but I am impatient. =)