Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I was hired to do a family photo session this Sunday after church, so I took my own fam out before church to test out the park I planned on shooting in.

On the third attempt of setting the timer and running like crazy back to the fam to pose...

They don't have much patience for photo shoots, so I was happy when I went back and checked the camera and we were all decent, and it was cold so we were done, but not before I got this shot of the people that mean the world to me...

That man is handsome! Those kids are adorable! I am a blessed girl!

BTW, that is not static in Susie's hair. Some days she is Susie Bieber, and some days she has a cornsilk fro. I never knew a cornsilk fro was possible. Until now.

Anyway, I have wedding photos to show you, and a brother and sister shoot and that family session, so stay tuned. Now, I have to go edit!


  1. Haha that's a funny post. Cornsilk fro! Ha! I laughed out loudwhile reading it on my phone. Eric then had me read it to him. Great pictures and love the hair.

  2. Sweet!! I miss you guys:-(