Friday, November 5, 2010

Master Bedroom Side Table

I have been working on my master bedroom again, since neglecting it for some time. The desk that was never used was moved out and I brought in this cute little side table that I found at a consignment shop...

I have wanted a table this style for a long time and am very happy with it. It is a funny color that looked green in the shop I bought it in, and then when I got it outside I realized it was actually a mustard or goldenrod color, but thankfully it still went with the scheme in my room.

I also got these blue jars for $2 each! I told the lady (after I purchased them) that she could charge more for them. They had no lids so I use them for candles...

And my stash of Martha Mags and a funny fish finish off the bottom shelf...

My grandma got that fish for me in high school and told me "It was so ugly I knew you would like it", which was hilariously true. I was going through a weird phase.

I also got the curtains almost done before my gracious friend had to take back her sewing machine! As soon as I figure out how to fix my machine and finish the hem, I will show you those, too.

I am loving garage sales and consignment and thrift store shopping lately, and especially when it is a decent piece of furniture. I have been getting frames there for my wall collage in the bedroom, and as soon as I get some more mats, I will show you how it turned out! You really should check out the thrift stores though. It may seam a little daunting, but instead of thinking of it as something I have to do (you can't just go once and expect to score you have to frequent the stores), I think of it as 10 minutes of 'me-time'! And you can also get a schedule and see which days they have 99-cent sales, etc. All the chains are different but most of them operate on a schedule where certain tag colors are 99 cents on certain days/weeks. Check it out - you might find a treasure. Happy hunting! =)

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