Monday, November 15, 2010


Now that I got the media outta my face, I have been bustling around my house getting things done and totally nesting. I have been inspired by Nadine's Pantry, Organic Dollar's home (her blog tells us how to be frugal + organic, but you would be impressed if she blogged a house tour =) and pantry, and Humble Pie's blog, to get organized in my kitchen. I don't have a pantry to stock my staples in, so I have to cram them into a corner cabinet and a drawer. I think I will add some wall shelves in the dining room and stock some staples in cute containers there as a sort of make-shift pantry.

Until then, I figured I do what I could with what I have. It was just your basic toss the junk and put things back routine, but during the reorganization I reminded myself to follow my own advice and use pretty containers...

I replaced many crumpled, half-empty, non-air tight bags of staples with jars or canisters...

It made a much cleaner, not to mention fresher, pantry.

I used pitchers to corral cereal, keeping it fresher and putting those plastic pitchers to good use again (I have glass ones and so never used these anymore). I also put the oatmeal in a canister and the granola in a jar and used a basket to keep the snacks together.

In family news, Susie is walking now, at 11 months and is perhaps more of a daredevil than her rough-n-tumble brother even was. The past few days have looked like this...

Okay, grandma was just out of the photo on that last one, in case she needed to be caught. She is such a climber! Look at that face! "What guys?"

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  1. Great job!
    The hall pantry is actually suppose to be a linen closet, but I have found other places to put those instead. We also store food above our washer & dryer and even some canned food under the bed! The joys of living in a small home! :)
    I love using old jars to store our dried goods!