Saturday, November 13, 2010

Take a Number

I have been admiring all the numbered accents that are popular lately, and for some reason hadn't gotten my mitts on anything numbered ... until tonight!

I had gotten a crock at Target and not been completely happy with it - it feels like it is supposed to look old but they didn't do a good job so it just looks blah. It was better than the one it replaced so I decided I could live with it. Well tonight after dinner I told husb I was "getting outta this house!" and ran to the garage with a few spray paint projects under my arm, and right before slipping out the door I grabbed that crock.

I made a quick stencil, and copied Young House Love's glass etching project procedure (using spray paint instead of glass etcher), and ...

Now I love the crock! And do you know what funny thing happened? The paint came out a little splotchy, and the "7" came out uneven and then I got a scratch on it peeling my stencil off (I used the wrong kind of tape), so I decided to run with it - I gave it a few more scratches and now it has a little character to it.

Makes me want to get rid of all those rubber utensils and go thrift store hunting for some well-loved wood and metal ones to fill it with!

Quick fix for a little boring ceramic. Now I am officially on the numbered accents band wagon... what home accent will it stop at next?


  1. Don't quite get it. How do you pick a number? Not saying I don't like it... just wondering.