Monday, October 18, 2010

The Power of the Spray Can

Lately, I want to spray paint everything I see! First of all, I am over trying to paint furniture with no brush strokes! It doesn't matter whether I use a cheap brush, expensive brush, the chemical stuff you mix with paint to reduce brush marks, foam brushes - it still makes me crazy. I spray painted a stool (see my brand recommendation) and a telephone table and I am sold. But lately it's not just furniture. Enter, before and after...

That corner was so clear and blah before! I bought a new canister every couple weeks or whenever I could scratch it out of the budget. A little hit of spray paint to their lids and ... wah-la! I used the leftover spray paint from painting my stool. The lids were stainless steel, so I had to buy spray primer (same brand as spray paint), and give them a coat of that first. Then the paint stuck perfectly!

Some day when I'm feeling spunky and have some money (ha! never?) I might get more paint and make each lid a different color. But I am just happy to have color in that corner for now.

Moral of the story: spray paint = happy in a can. Other possibilities: pottery (for decoration only), vents, lamps, curtain rods, cabinet hardware, furniture... and many more!

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