Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beef... he's what's for dinner...

...next summer that is, after we fatten him up! Meet our newest farm animal / dinner entrée...

Mark tried to name him Travis Pastrana 199 (big surprise there), but Ty overruled and named him Beef. Mark calls him "Beef Travis Pastrana 199" half the time. Don't let that sweet look above fool you, although he is halter broke, he does have his mad cow moments...

Did you know the universal cow sign for "you are making me nervous and a little frustrated" is throwing up their head and rolling their eyes, with the optional flinging of snot? It is.

Anyway, husb did a side job and the guy offered Beef as a trade. He is a beef / dairy cross and we are told he won't get as 'beefy' (haha) as a beef cow, but he will still be good eating. I have looked into it online and read only good things about them - some people say they prefer Holstein and will never go back to Angus or other beef breeds. They also say it is a good idea to get in with a dairy farmer and you can get cows from them that are past their milk prime, but mature and ready for butchering. Then you don't have to raise your own. Since we have been seeking out at least grass fed, if not organic beef since watching Food Inc., and we have pasture, he jumped at the deal. I'm interested to see the cost of growing our own vs. buying; I'll let you know how that goes.

I know I've not been posting frequently, but I have exciting plans... but not so much money, so things are moving slowly at my place. I do have a couple room plans to finish up and will share them here soon (I know- you've heard that before)! And a couple projects to do on the super-cheap, so stay tuned, bear with me, cut me some slack, calm down and get off my back... just kidding. Seriously, Susie and I have been super sick for the past week and I am just now getting the dry cough that means it is almost over. Thanks for your patience!


  1. How awesome!

    We have raised pigs for meat before...good meat, but I will not raise them again - they are smelly & messy! :)

    We watched that movie too...makes you think about the food you eat!


  2. Let me know how it goes cause I would really like to try it if it is worth it!