Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kristel's Funky Living Room Plan!

I have a friend named Kristel. She cracks me up when she sporadically decides to blog. =) Kristel needed help developing a plan for the direction she wanted to take her living room, which was fun, colorful and funky, and I needed to do some practice room plans, so we struck a deal. Here is what I whipped up for her...

I think that fits the fun, colorful and funky guidelines! I know Kristel, and she gets tired of normal very quickly! This eclectic mix of fresh, fun items will keep her living room bright for some time. Here are the details of her plan:
1. Rug, Coffee Table & Side Table
First of all, she recently got her wood-paneled accent wall painted the color we picked for her (seen in the background), which brightens up the room so much! Check that off the list! The rug ($159) will soften the seating area and anchor it amongst the hardwoods in the big living room. Then we have the coffee table ($149) and a side table ($79.99) with a coat of orange spray paint ($5) giving her a place to prop up her feet or set down her espresso.

2. Couch & Pillows
This is the investment piece. Kristel said she wanted to save and get a new couch, so I advised her to keep the sofa neutral but keep the room punchy with accessories that are much more affordable to change out. I chose a neutral, clean-lined sofa ($1,199). Then peacock ($19.99), bloom ($6), and spruce velvet ($19.95) pillows bring some softness and color to the sofa.

3. Sofa Table, Lamps & Floor Lamp
Next we need some light in this room to compensate for lack of ceiling fixtures! The sofa table ($199) is a great place to set books, knitting, or items to keep out of reach of baby, and to anchor the floor lamp ($39.99), which would set next to it and reach over the couch to provide task lighting. Then the table lamps ($59.99 x2) would be on her two existing, matching TV units on either side of her fireplace. We already picked the TV units, got them used and they will be painted white to create the feel of sturdy, crisp built-ins.

4. Side Chair(s)
Next we would add a side chair, or preferably a pair of them. The pictured side chair is high-end, but I think Kristel and I would be able to find a garage sale or thrift store special and reupholster the cushions for substantially less (estimated $100 for chairs and fabric).

5. Tray & Bowl
Not only are the Fiestaware serving tray ($21.99) and carved wood bowl ($29.99) colorful and interesting accents, but they will help corral remotes, loose change, candy or whatever needs to be captured on the coffee table or sofa table.
So there you have it, Kristel! I hope this helps you have a vision and goal for your room, and you know you get the special 'friend deal' and I will be here to help along the way as you need me!


  1. This Kristel you speak of sounds like fun! Awesome room plan and can't wait to put it all together!

  2. The ikea coffee table and rug look like fabulous prices. I would buy them in a heart beat if it was in our budget!(0: