Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Call Me Anytime! Telephone Table Re-do

So I got this little "telephone table" from a fancy little botique called Listo de Craig for $20. I'm thrilled with that deal, since I have seen them in local shops for much closer to $100. I hope you are sitting down for this before shot, though... it's that bad.

Told you. When I brought it into husb's garage to do the painting (he loves it when I do projects in his shop-- SYYK!), he proclaimed, "WOW -- THAT is the UGLIEST thing I have ever SEEN! OH MY GOSH!" But, I like this one especially because it is oak; nice and sturdy. These tables are usually made of maple. I have been trying to find one for a long time. I had to fight for this one - the owner didn't want to separate it from a chair. Yes, there was a matching chair, painted the same way as the table. Disturbing, I know. I won, though! After they sat on CL for a month and a half, she lowered the price and accepted my offer for just the table.

However, since it was oak, it was more difficult to paint because of the deep grain, and took two cans of spray paint. Take a look at the before next to the after though...

That's what I mean by "call me anytime!" Pretty sweet, huh?

Table: $20, spray paint (two cans): $10 = $30 total! Not too shabby!

And that's all you get for a preview of the nursery. I have everything done now except for the curtains, and I think I'll make y'all wait till I figure that out before I reveal it.

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  1. Love it. When you decide to remodel someday it can come to my house too.