Thursday, October 7, 2010

Garage Sale finds and Pacifier Solution

A dear friend reminded me that last weekend was the Mill Creek Community Garage sales! I always neglect to keep tabs on those big 'rich neighborhood' sales, but they can be so good. So we stuffed the girls (my baby and hers) into the backseat and headed for the sales! I spent $20 and came out with this:

Got some fun stuff including hardbound books (always a decorating necessity for me), kids books and a counting game, new train sets for only $1 each, picture frame for my bedroom collage and a great little red lantern. The sales were decent but I bet the one earlier in the year is better and more people do it when it is warmer. Truth be told, if I had more money there were a couple pieces of furniture I would have come home with! The community is only allowed to have sales on two weekends a year. I will surely do it again next time!

And, I showed you my weird sleeper solution... well now I have an awesome pacifier solution! Susie likes to spit out her plug like a projectile, or better yet, throws it and gets mad (yes we are at that stage), and I hate the ugly paci clips they sell in the stores, so I thought I could make my own...

I cut a piece of ribbon and melted the ends with a flame. Then I tied it to her paci and to her outfit. It even works when they have a button up on; just loop it through the holes (around a button) and tie. It's so great, and I especially love it in public, so she doesn't drop her paci out of the cart or carrier and onto nasty floors! Happy mom!

Stay tuned, I am working up a couple of room plans and will share them with y'all as soon as I can get them ready. I wish I was from the south so I could say 'y'all' without feeling like a poser.

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  1. I used to go to the mill creek garage sale.

    The pacifier trick is a good one! mine always ate them off the floor!