Tuesday, October 1, 2013

diy { another chalkboard globe }


I <3 globes. 

I haven’t gotten a new one in a long time… I must get thrifting and remedy that.  I want a whole collection of them.  So far I “only” have six. 

One of them has been in the kids’ rooms for as long as I’ve had it.  For Mark’s room refresh, I did a little work on it.  Then, as any globe-a-holic would, I stole it for myself.

But I had my reasons.

Have a look…


I was never totally happy with the globe for the kids’ rooms because it isn’t very colorful – I know it has some colors, but not the bright, vibrant hues I picture when I imagine a globe collection.  But I always kept it in their room in hopes of just that – a collection of globes.

Well the collection is slow going and my patience is lacking, so I decided to have my way with this one, as I’d had my chalkboard ways with one in the past.

The how-to:

I gently spread the bar that attaches to either end of the globe (it’s like a spring-loaded clamp), in order to remove the globe.  Then I bent and inserted the end of a metal hanger into the hole and hung the globe outside.  I cleaned the globe and applied a good coat of gray spray primer, and followed it with two good coats of black chalkboard spray paint.  I let that dry about 48 hours before I tried writing on it. 

In the meantime, I added two coats of Rust-Oleum antique bronze spray paint to the stand. 

I rubbed a chalky eraser all over the globe first to prime it.  Then, looking at another globe and following the mountain ridges on the chalkboard globe, I drew in the continents.  Some small islands may have been lost / forsaken during the makeover of this globe. 


Then I got going on Mark’s room.  When I hung up his adaptable art frames, and tried to layer in the refashioned globe in front of them, it was toooo much neutral/gray.  And the kids were already trying to spin it which it has never done gracefully, and were leaving oily, dark fingerprints all over it’s dusty chalkboard goodness...

That’s when I snatched it up and marched it down to my room.  And it lives with me now.  And now I love it. 


DSC_0089      DSC_0095


DSC_0104      DSC_0099



DSC_0116      DSC_0134


It just needs one thing…


There’s a big ol’ Pacific Ocean just screaming for a message.  I can’t decide what to write.

I think right now the frontrunner is “He’s got the whole world in His hands.”  It would certainly be a much needed reminder for this worry wart.  That’s a gross expression when you write it.  :/

Anyway, what do you think?  What word or phrase would you write???

I have to go buy some more globes now.


PS: that crazy striped wall is killing me.  I liked it at first but it’s too busy.  Husband says this wall is a circus and the other walls in the room are too dark.  He wins.  Soothing Palladian Blue walls coming right up!  Well, whenever I get around to it. 

PPS:  click the links to read past blog posts about other items seen above: map-covered clipboard, multi-colored plank wall and Ashley Anne inspired shelves seen in my master bedroom reveal, bowl full of postcards, and the TNT stands for “Ty N Tasha” and also dynamite ;P… as for sources, the “&” is a print by the talented Katie Daisy from her Etsy shop the wheatfield, and most everything else is thrifted or heirlooms.  =)


  1. Very Nice!
    I like the "TNT"...cute!


  2. Love it all!!!! I still cannot believe you are painting that wall! I need you to make me one of those globes now! ; )

  3. I love the wall! The whole time I was reading this post I kept thinking about how great that looks.