Sunday, September 29, 2013

diy { lego head }


When Mark saw this idea on Pinterest, he had to have one. 

I obliged.  He twisted my arm.  Nearly off.







It was very easy and it’s a fun “secret” place for the little man to hide his prized Lego Ninja guys. 



Red Vines Licorice container

spray primer

spray paint (mine is Rust-Oleum in Gloss Marigold)

black and white sheet vinyl



1. Clean and dry Red Vines Licorice container.

2. Prop the container (upside down) and lid over something so you can spray the outsides without the containers resting on the ground.  Spray on a coat of primer.  Follow according to instructions with two coats of gloss yellow.  Allow to dry thoroughly before handling and attempting next step.

3.  Black and white sheet vinyl adhesive can be purchased at most specialty craft stores by the foot.  I printed this image on printer paper and cut out the facial features, using them as stencils to cut out the shapes from the vinyl.  Then stuck the vinyl facial features onto the container.  Done!


It brings a nice pop of color to the dresser.  With those gray-on-brown adaptable frames, behind the white dresser… now I gotta work to get some color into this room!!  This board has a few more ideas for this room, mixed with ideas for later down the line.

Well, the boy had five days on vacation with Grandma, so this week it’s back to Homeschool!  I have a new schedule and I’m loving it.  It was nice to have the little lady to myself for a week, but now I’m ready for some structure again.  Bring it on, week! 


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