Saturday, May 14, 2011

felt flowers and spritz


So, here I am, back with the second craft that I did for my Awana girls’ goody bags.  I can actually keep a blogging schedule with no children underfoot!  Thanks, Mom!

So these felt flowers are pretty simple.  The how-to was featured in Woman’s Day Magazine and can be found online here.  Their colors are so pretty – you should check it out for better color inspiration.


Simple cast of characters… 



Some pinning, sewing and snipping…



Gathering the felt to one end, folding in half to stitch the ends together to form the circle which will be each flower…


[that picture looks like I am sewing through the loops – I am not, I don’t know why I stuck the needle there.  If you are going to make them, see the instructions.]


Once you have your large and small flowers made, hot glue them together and then hot glue a felt circle to cover the hole in the back and stitch your buttons on the front, through the circle on the back and tie off…



And, then you get…



I didn’t sew close enough to the edge and didn’t have buttons large enough to cover my stitching, so I had to put a felt circle on the front as well.

I was a little sad that I only had white felt, and Sarah brought a few colors and we didn’t to use them!  But we did the girls’ flowers up with bright buttons and put them on headbands for the girls…


I found some bright, cheap gift bags at Target and looped the headbands around one of the handles on each bag, so the flowers showed…


By the way, the gift bags are part of a line at Target I recently noticed on the party aisle, called Spritz


I tried my best to link you to it but can’t find any of it online – not sure if they just don’t sell it online or if it is too new.  But I love it!  I was on one of those trips where I am “just getting these two items on my list”… Well I just got those two items and these…


I purchased a tablecloth (biggest, $2.59), napkins (blue border, $1.39) and stickers (pink border, $1.99).  I could not resist.  So Susie’s second birthday party is 7 months away, but it will be full of cupcakes and flags!  There was even a bunting with cupcakes on it, but the cheap crafter in me came out and I’d rather make a fabric one that she can have for ever than buy a plastic one.  But it was cute.


I can’t wait until that party.  They also had other ‘themes’ and boy ones, too.  Impressed.

Okay, I really don’t want to be one of those people who post their cat photos online, but I do want to be helpful and let you know that if you have a) children or b) a kitten, a plastic bin will keep them entertained for most of the day.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


And they’re also good for organizing.  Mark puts his annoying toy sets -with lots of small pieces and guys which make a huge mess  all over the house and drive me crazy- inside the boxes.  He has about eight boxes.  He knows that he can play with one set at a time then has to put them back in the box and put that one away before he gets out another one or I put the boxes he leaves out and the toys that belong in them into hiding for a week.  So far it is going well and saving my sanity! 

Well go have a good weekend in the sunshine… or sunbreaks… or non-rain… this day is going downhill; keep your chin up!  Peace out.

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  1. Hey- I'm one of those cat people, too. (Who posts my own cat photos.. )LOL By the way, Steph likes her headband, and she is usually not one to like those things. Awesome project!