Friday, May 13, 2011

bookmarks and little ones


First off, this is my little spring windowsill…


Even though I recently put in wood blinds on this window and I have to move all the junk out of the way to put them down every night, I still love the cheery stuff there.  My grass eggs have since been tossed.  I thought Mark would be all excited to give them “haircuts” before I tossed them, not so much.  He thought I was really weird.  Those tissue and pipe cleaner flowers are so cute!  Mark made then in children’s church, one for each person in our family, even Susie.  I think I might leave them out for the rest of my life.  Or at least next week.

Okay, so this past Wednesday was awards night at Awana, which I dread all year – truly, when they ask me if I will lead an Awana class, the first thought that goes through my head is, “Crap!  If I say ‘yes’ then I will have to use a microphone and stand in front of all the kids and parents at the awards night at the end of the year and remember peoples’ names with everyone staring at me and hand out awards!” And then I proceed to say ‘yes’ anyway and worry about it all year and then praise Jesus that I don’t say anything stupid up there (yet).  It is one of many faith builders He so wisely puts in my life I guess.  So Sarah (my wonderful co-teacher) and I got together and made up a couple crafts for the girls’ goody bags; one of which I will share today, and I’ll be back to share the other one tomorrow or Monday.

We made bookmarks, inspired by AshleyAnn’s layered paper bookmarks

For the most part they are made of simple materials you probably have around the house…


It looks like she used an old gardening book, but I had a music book I picked up for crafting from Goodwill.  You could use all glue stick or all double-stick tape but I liked a to tag team it with both.  Then paper and ribbon scraps and I used paper doilies and baker’s twine.

This was so simple…




We finished them off by referencing a Bible verse on the doilies.  This is my favorite of Sarah’s and my favorite of mine that we made for the girls…



And some more I made later…



You could use any scraps or supplies you have in your stash that inspire you.  On some of ours we used fabric strips as ribbon and even some flat eyelet trim. 

I made one for my Mom for late Mother’s Day (I will see her this weekend), and one for someone else…


Leah moved away from me and now every time I do a craft, I feel like I need to make one for Leah to cheer her up, but she’s probably doing just fine and maybe it is more to cheer me up…?  Not sure.  But I will get this in the mail today, Leah!  And I am guessing you will not complain about me coping by crafting for you!  =)

So the newest baby in the family is starting to venture outside under our careful supervision…


Cautious of every noise and flutter…




And look what I noticed going on after I shot these pictures…

Oh, hey, there little kitty, are you squishing Mama’s plants?



Wait, kitty, come back, you missed one…



There we go… almost got it…



Let me just help you squish it down a little more…



Um, maybe I should be a little less concerned with capturing pictures and pay a little more attention to what is going on!  Look at her squishing him down onto the plant!  What stinkers – both of them!  I saved the little broccolis before they were completely devastated.  And this was several days ago, so in case you are wondering, Nadine, I did get those lilies and herbs planted!  The tomatoes are going to be repotted and kept in my kitchen window for a bit and the broccolis will go in the garden this weekend when I get my layout figured out!  Thank you so much!

My wonderful mother has the kiddos, giving me a long, relaxing weekend, so I will be back some more!  Peace.

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  1. Awwww...thats so sweet! THANK YOU! Yeah...I will not complain about your coping skills. I should have moved away a long time ago with all these little surprises! Also, Suz is killing me with those glasses. I have a feeling they make her look even smaller and more innocent...hiding the fact that all she really wants to do is smash little animals! haha