Thursday, May 26, 2011

cork trivet

So wayyy back at Christmas I neglected to share this quick and easy craft with you. It was a gift for my mom, so I couldn’t share till after the holidays, and then I just forgot.

I didn’t take a picture of the beginning, but I took one cork, put a line of hot glue down one side, and stuck another cork to it, parallel. Then I worked my way around that cork until it was surrounded by a circle of other corks, and kept working my way around and out, like rings of a target…



And to be quite honest, the magazine where I got the idea showed a picture of one that was nice and round, and mine came out like a hexagon, and I’m not sure why. I reached a point where it was going to turn into a weird shape with gaps on the edges if I kept going, so I stopped. I’m okay with a hexagon. Here is how it turned out…



I think it is cute. I wrapped jute around mine because there were places you could see the glue. Corks from red wine are stained, and I put those all to one side so mom could choose to show the red or not…


Cute, quick, and easy. My kind of craft. Makes me feel a little guilty for giving it as a gift!

Speaking of guilt… Yesterday I had a babysitter while I was working. That night, it was bedtime and I told Susie to get her Zeebs - her zebra that she sleeps with every night and cuddles his little tail in her chubby little hand next to her chubby little cheeks. She went to the front door when I told her to get him and I said, “Susie, where is your Zeebs?” and Mark proceeded to tell us that when the babysitter and the kids got back from their walk, the ‘neighborhood dog’ stole Zeebs out of our yard and ran away with him! HOW RUDE! Now I know how everyone else in the neighborhood felt when our dog used to steal their gloves, sprinklers and yard toys. :’( But poor Susie last night was sad and refused to hold the other stuffed toy I gave her. What a mean neighborhood dog. I thought I had guilt when people’s sprinklers showed up in our yard and I didn’t know who’s it was to give it back to… imagine that dog’s owner’s guilt when he came home with a child’s beloved toy! I am praying that Pier 1 still has those knitted stuffed zebras!

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