Thursday, October 13, 2011

california… version 2.0


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Last February we drove to California [see posts one & two] to go to my Great-Grandmother’s 100th birthday.  While there, we had wanted to scope out the area our friends Eric and Leah were moving to, but we couldn’t cram in the couple extra hours of driving and they hadn’t even found a house yet.  But a couple weeks ago (I am a slow blogger these days) they were brave enough to have us all for a visit. 

The kids were great at the airport at 5 AM, much to my surprise.  They had to get up at 3:45 AM!!!  Mark was fascinated with the airport happenings, and Ty told Susie to go to sleep and she tried really hard…

DSC_0045  DSC_0051

If trying really hard is taking off your shoes, laying down with all necessary sleeping equipment and then repeatedly poking yourself in the eye to show how miserable you are that you have to hold still.

The kids and I got to see some views for the first time…



Had never seen an airport from the inside or the landscape viewed across one of those huge wings.  Uh, yeah, you might have guessed the kids had never flown before but can you believe I had never flown before?  Not on a jet, that is.  I had been scared because small aircrafts give me excruciating headaches for several hours afterwards, but the jet was really okay!  I did think we were going to die on the way back when there was some turbulence, though.  Might have something to do with our recent LOST marathon.  During the turbulence, I kept thinking if someone tells me we’re going to be okay like Jack told Rose, I am going to lose it.  Bad timing for a LOST marathon.

We had only gotten 1 hour of sleep the night before (long story) so we were all zombies the first day.  Ty and the kids took naps and Leah and I laid around in the sunshine a while and gossiped caught up.

That night we went out to a Ramen restaurant.  Ty and I didn’t even know there was more to ramen than Top Ramen.



Okay the ramen looks a little weird… and it wasn’t just my picture – I was like “Hmmm…” when it showed up, but it was really fresh and super flavorful – I ate it all.  And the french fry appetizer – WHOA.  First of all, realllly good – that  ketchupy, barbecuey, mustardy mystery sauce was super tasty.  And second, those thin pieces that look like paper were moving.  Yes, I said MOVING.  Leah, we never did get an answer as to what that was, did we?  Maybe cheese.  Maybe fish skin.  Whatever it was, we figured it was the heat that made it wiggle.  Crazy stuff.  But good.

The second day we did this…




DSC_0109  DSC_0144





There were approximately one bazillion sea lions out on that rock.


Continuing on the 17 mile drive there are other scenic viewpoints…




We finally reached Carmel By The Sea…






I was too awestruck to get good drive-by pictures of the huge homes, but I think you get the jist… Tons of million dollar mansions and million dollar little cottages lining this ocean-cliff road shaded by beautiful trees.  Stunning.

Here are some views from the little town itself…




A shop called Jane Austen at Home?  I was too darn giddy about the town, I didn’t even go in!!!

DSC_0188  DSC_0190

Such a beautiful town.  Kind of reminds me of Leavenworth, where you feel like you stepped into another country.  It feels European and every. single. nook and cranny is finished and beautiful.  It is no wonder celebrities frequent this town. 

More to come tomorrow; most importantly, the beach.  Oh, baby, the beach.  I wanted to cram everything in one post but it is not going to happen.  Four days of loveliness does not fit in one post. 


Carmel By the Sea page with various videos.

Leah’s post on Carmel.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Loved the one of the terminal, that lookout on 17 mile road and Suz looking between the fence! Also, thanks for considering us good god parents. Even tho I was trying with all my might not to slip on those rocks with your poor child in my arms. So glad you guys came. It went really fast :(

  2. Looks like you had too much fun! ;) Great Pics ~Sarah :)