Thursday, October 27, 2011

madre de futebol


Actually, I don’t think that is a correct translation: I was going for Soccer Mom.  Yes, this fall I officially became a soccer mom.  Reminds me of when Ty and I were dating and I said that when I became a soccer mom I wanted to drive a black SUV with tinted windows like the FBI ones.  Weird. 

Our little guy had a hard time with the failures that come along in a game of soccer at first, but after a couple games and after us encouraging him that the game kept going and he got to keep trying, he was loving it.  I took the camera to his last game and took a portrait (he was riding dirt bikes on picture day), and some action shots…



May the force be with them?  Not sure.


He kicks just like I do.  I have a few pictures of me in that exact pose making that same face.  Scary.

You will notice a common trend in the most of the pictures…






A ball way out front with a mob of kids chasing after it.  Yep.  The whole game.  Not a whole lot of strategy involved at this age. 

I love the sillyness of that second to last one and the concentration in that last one… just seconds apart.


This one cracks me up…


They look like they are pausing for a hug, but in reality, he just knocked down Morgan from his own team and the girl in blue that he appears to be hugging just happened to be smiling already and doesn’t yet realize that he gets soccer confused with football and he is actually tackling her.  Nice job Mark.

The whole game I must have heard this question a dozen times…

DSC_0567.TXT  DSC_0599

I think it is their favorite part.  It was so dark by then, I am surprised I got any photo at all.  Mark just saw this and confirmed that the tunnel is his favorite part.  He told me, “It is like you were running and you went into a tunnel.”  Enlightening.

I’ll be back with more this week.  Trying to get a set schedule at work and get back to blogging on a regular basis! 


  1. I didn't know he was playing soccer... pretty cool

  2. So cute! How is he old enough to be on a team sport! Sad!
    Also, Ive always thought being a soccer mom is Wa is the worst. SO COLD AND WET! I remember taking my sisters to practice and games. Ick! Im going to be the horrible mom that sits in the car.
    Also, we need to chat cause I wanna know what you meant about him having a hard time with the failures of soccer. ha!