Friday, April 29, 2011

thrift store finds and honeybee tees

I have been doing a good job of getting to the thrift store once a week, most weeks. I deserve a pat on the back for that, right… finding random objects I didn’t know I couldn’t live without and blowing our miscellaneous budget on them each week? No? Well, here are my latest finds anyway…

First one of those little white Chinese lotus bowls that I always see stacks of at thrift stores…


I finally realized I could plop in a tea light and it would make a perfect white floral candle holder I needed to round out a display on my dresser for $1.49…


Then I also bought a small goldfish bowl. No, it is not for fish…


I had stolen one of these from a friend’s house when we were organizing and she no longer needed it and loved it for my ribbon scraps, but it got broken, so I was glad to see several of them available at the thrift store, and selected a smaller size than I had before. So cute. $4.99.

Then I took home a small gravy boat go next to my larger one in my display of white serve ware…


We actually use gravy boats a lot around here, but I stink at gravy, it is usually for serving my alfredo. =) Pour it on, baby! $2.99.

So when I went shopping downtown on my birthday I had it in my mind to get a new antique pitcher. I had a sweet yellow one but it cracked when I put boiling water in it to brew some iced tea. I like the old ones because of the real thick glass. But at the antique stores there were none under $30 and I couldn’t find a color I really liked, finding myself wishing for a clear one that was cheap…

DSC_0334 DSC_0336

And there it was at the thrift store for $4.99! Score! Made me some iced tea already!

I am in a fashion funk and keep feeling like I need some new jewelry, so I strolled over to that area and found this sweet vintage necklace…


I think it is vintage because it is formed out of metal rather than the plastic beads seen these days…


It is just the pop of color I was looking for. $2.99. I also picked up…


A great cognac elastic belt, perfect for layering over dresses and long shirts! I wished it had been a little cheaper (it still had the tags on and was only $14.99 to begin with), but it was new with tags, cute, and a Nordstrom brand, so I paid the $6.99. Still a good price for a cute, brand new belt. Like it better than the cheesier Tarjay one I settled for a while back.

Last but not least… Since Susie has discovered bracelets, I tried to get her a couple I thought she would like…


A Chinese elastic one that would actually stay on (if she didn’t immediately throw it on the floor every time) and a nice big bangle that would be easy for her to get her hand through (if she had any interest in it). What a little stinker. She prefers the links!

So those were my latest finds.

In other shopping news, if you read Darby’s blog, you know about her little business, Honeybee Tees.

I wanted to get some for my nephew’s baby shower gift, but had to wait until she restocked a certain tee…


I got the Canoe Ride and Off to the Bay tees (the Bronco and Land Cruiser (FJ) are favs of my brother and I, so fitting for his baby boy) and was really happy with them! I was totally pleased to find that they are made on American Apparel tees, which are the only t-shirts I like now, and the quality of the whimsy screen prints was really good. I paired them with my favorite OshKosh carpenter jeans for what I hope was a sweet little boy gift.


Also, speaking of American Apparel, I found a little secret… Molly Moon prints most of their shirts for their stores on American Apparel shirts (though not all of them). In American Apparel stores, the T-shirts are $20 but at Molly Moon, the styles that are going out are only $10!!! I might now own 3 shirts and one sweatshirt. And I still want the sweatshirt Leah linked recently.

That is all the random goodness I have for you today. Peace.

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  1. I like the yellow necklace! And the honeybee tees....what a simple but cute idea that has probably made her some good cash-ola!