Tuesday, April 26, 2011

post Easter sugar high


…or is that just me?  Oh.

First and foremost- something awesome happened at Easter service…


Yep, the Logger finally got baptized… –again!  He was baptized when he was real little and doesn’t remember it, so he decided to take the plunge now, as an adult.  That picture may not be a photographic masterpiece, but it is so dear to me!  I was baptized in that same pool of water, a couple years before meeting the Logger, and here he is being baptized there with our little guy looking on.  With Mark so into his swimming lessons and going under water, I thought he might  jump in too!

On to the festivities.  I had forgotten how fun those first egg hunts can be for toddlers!  We had the family over to our house for Easter and did a quick egg hunt in the lawn (quick because it was drizzling).  You won’t really know it from the pics because I used Photoshop to add a little sunshine – I couldn’t help it.  I took wayyy too many pics of Miss Chubby Cheeks, so I will try to narrow it down to just my faves and will try not to narrate for you how cute she is in every picture…





DSC_0470  DSC_0465











Sorry, I tried to limit it, but I have too many favorites!

It was so fun to watch all the kids buzzing around.  There were quite a lot of distractions!  We finally had to drag them all in.  Susie was following the dog around everywhere he went… oh yeah, about the dog, he hangs out with us all the time so you will see him popping up in pics now and then, but despite the likeness, he is not our old dog, Bruce.  We even had to do a double take ourselves!  Mark was the most motivated one racing around to get all the eggs like a madman.  And Maddie was very interested in the cow.  We finally had to force them all to come in and remind them they had a loot to discover in their eggs.  We had candy, coins, dollar bills, stickers and verses in ours.

Well now that the kids are over the croup and I am over my sore throat, maybe I can stop sleeping in and start blogging again in the mornings! 


  1. Love the egg hunt photos, nice job!

  2. Great Baptism photo!! Easter hunt looks like a blast!