Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my new babies


We got chicks again!!!  So I did my coop research, and the Logger approved me to go ahead with converting our feed room into a chicken coop, instead of the horse stall.  It is very nearly complete and I think it is going to work well.  I finished 90% of the work and rewarded myself by getting the chicks to expand our flock!  Yesterday we had a couple sun breaks so I went out to have a little fun with my favorite chick (at the moment), a Buff Orpington…




Haha, I think she was a little confused.

Nothing says spring to me like baby chicks!  I love it when all the letter-board signs on the Co-ops say “Chicks are in!”

I ended up with ten little guys…


I got three Rhode Island Reds and two Black Sex Links from one co-op and two Buff Orpingtons (the friendly, fat breed that I recommend to beginners), one Buff Wyandotte, one Barred Rock and one Americauna from another co-op.  I love these guys gals.  You would think Susie would love them, wouldn’t you?  We visit the coop once or twice a day so she can do this…


Throw shavings.  She is obsessed with the shavings.  She occasionally comes over to where I am holding the chick and takes one finger and gently pushes down on his little head and then squeals and goes right back to the shavings.  Strange little thing!  =)  And she wanted to wear that tutu, and then wanted to go outside and wear her rubber boots.  As Mark says, “Susanna gets ever what she wants.”  It might be true.

Lastly, I was a little late getting my eggshell grass started.  This is what it looked like yesterday vs. today (same spot)…

DSC_0577  DSC_0585

It is sprouting fast!

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