Tuesday, April 12, 2011

happy birthday to me


While checking the date paying my bills yesterday morning I realized it was my birthday!  I must be getting old. 

I was at Mom’s this weekend and she kept the kiddos when I left, so, being kidless and it being my birthday… I did what any responsible mother would do.  Retail therapy.

I finally got a chance to check out the Ruffles & Rust Square in the antique capital of the …state? …region?  …universe?  I don’t know but Snohomish has a plethora of antiques.

I wasn’t really looking for anything particular;  just basking in the euphoria of strolling downtown with no ankle-biters.  This is what I came away with…


Cute bags are always a good sign.  =)

DSC_0215  DSC_0217

Another white plate for something I am working on in the entry.  $3

A mattress spring for $3!  In the Farm Chicks Video two ladies said they got mattress springs and seemed like they had no idea why.  Well I have some ideas!  Um, also, I am the background of that video at 6:32 which is funny because that videographer was everywhere and I tried to avoid him like the plague.

And my last item from the shop was…


Some delicious burlap!  A genuine Colombian coffee bag, to be exact.  I have wanted something like this for a long time, to copy Pottery Barn’s burlap pillows, and thought I would have to wait till the next Farm Chicks sale, but Ruffles & Rust had them for $3!  PB’s Found Grain Sack Pillow Covers are $89!  Score!

Not bad for under $10 total.   I had heard R&R was expensive, but I found the prices to be in normal First-Street range, with most odds and ends at reasonable prices.  It doesn’t have the dime-a-dozen feel that the Farm Chicks Sale has, but if you need something now and can’t wait till Farm Chicks (or have some ‘birthday money’ to spend), I would recommend R&R.

I had $15 of my ‘miscellaneous’ budget for the week left, and I was still basking, so I continued on down the street and found this big old flower frog…


I passed up the $8 price tag the first time, but ended up seeing a bunch of tiny ones for up to $12 so I went back for this one.  I have wanted one of this type and size for a while now, to use for pencils on my desk.

Then it was time for a stroll through Target while I could actually hear myself think.  I told you this was retail therapy!  This is where it overflowed into the ‘it’s my birthday and I am on a roll’ budget department.

Found these on clearance…


I know, exciting, right?  I have been trying to get wooden spoons at thrift stores but they kinda gross me out.  Is that snobby? 

And then I got some new lamp shades for the bedroom.  The old ones were square and cheap looking and whenever we adjust the swing arm lamps the shades got all wonky and drove me nuts…



Much better.

And when I went to get four of the six white mugs that I needed at Fred Meyer, I found them to be on sale from $3.99 to $2.69.  I got all six instead.


These are really cute mugs, by the way.  They are just BIA open stock, but they have a little rim at the base which gives them the cute footed look, but it is wide so they are not tippy.  Very nice.  Now I won’t run out of mugs anymore!

So that is my birthday retail thereapy.  Have y’all been doing any retail therapy lately?

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