Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Knock-off Alert - Embroidered Pillows

I have a couple pillows from my grandma who is now gone, which feature fine ladies in fancy dresses embroidered on them. I think they have a classic appeal and could certainly work in the right room. Maybe I should repo them from my mom's storage closet because embroidered pillows seem to be making a comeback right now...

Several weeks ago I picked up this sweet Alvine Flora Pillow & insert from IKEA ($24.99)...

I initially passed by it, but then it struck a chord. It reminded me of the Autumn Embroidered Pillow Cover from pottery barn ($49 plus $16 for down insert)...

And when I realized it was a trendy knock-off, I thought about it for a minute, and also realized it went with the bedding I am working on in my bedroom! So now it has a home, though it would have a happier, more well rounded home if I could ever finish my quilt!

Anyway, Ikea also has the Alvine Spetsig Pillow, which looks more like the PB one, with the more exotic flowers, the piping and the white back.
But I was happy with the less formal, more country feel of the Alvine Flora.

Happy Summer!

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