Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Aquafest: More Racing!

This time the racing was on foot...

...at our local Aquafest fair weekend before last. Husband mouthed off to some friends that he would beat them in an upcoming 5K they were training for. I thought it sounded like a good goal for me to work toward, to get me out running more, so I said I would run too. Of course husb never needs to train - he works out all day at work. I managed to get out a whopping 4 times to get ready for the race. Then husb backed out at the last minute, realizing he would have to push the two kiddos in the stroller. I decided to do it without him. But, I was feeling like a flabby mom-of-two and thinking I'd be glad if I just ran the whole thing without walking. I surprised myself!

That is the weirdest picture ever taken of me, but I'm keeping it real. But thanks husb for manning the camera. I came in just ahead of our friend Tommy and he came in just ahead of his sister Sara. Good job guys! We could have all shaved off about 15 seconds if we had known the start would be so jam packed...

If we would have pushed out closer to the front before the start, we could have saved some time, but oh well. There were certainly some great runners there who would have beat us either way!

After the run, Mark wanted to check out the rides that he loves that he is deathly afraid of. Yes, both. He climbed the huge stairs to the slides, and even wanted to do them several times. Did he enjoy it? Yes. Did he look like he was having fun? No.

Seriously, he wanted to do it - we didn't force him. Next up was the airplane ride. Apprehensive at first, but he learned to like it.

Susanna didn't mind waiting around in the bright sunshine watching the people go by...

Next Mark wanted to tackle the "dinosaur train". AKA the dragon roller coaster. At first, total apprehension. Again, he wants to do these rides.

When it stopped, he decided it was fun.

Then we took a (very long) bouncy house break.

Now he is ready for more rides. He never really got excited about the carousel - that's okay, all the horses look mad or evil anyway...

I think his favorite was this "broken airplane" ride he went on with daddy even though he was too short! I held my breath. Daddy kept him in the "broken airplane" though (no idea why he called it that?).

And on the way out we caught a ride on the dinosaur ship, which swings back and forth and I knew he would love it. He smiled and laughed, even though he looked at the girl next to him like she was crazy when she screamed and put her hands up in the air.

What a fun little community fair! See you next year Aquafest!


  1. I love it! How fun! I can't wait until Lucy is big enough to go on rides! Good job on the running!

  2. Way to go Tasha! Looks like a real fun day for the whole family. Awesome!!