Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bovines, Bad Hair & Bubbles

We spent last weekend and this past week in the lovely Teanaway Valley, hanging out at my Mom's. The weather was stunning, most of the time, and the kids got tons of outside play time... that is, after we shooed off these pesky fellas...

The valley my mom lives in is right on the edge where civilization meets wilderness. And that happens to be free-range cattle country. The cows and calves got closer and closer to mom's place throughout the day and we had the gates closed so we thought we were safe. Until they started pouring in from the back of her property. They went through the river and came up the bank, avoiding the fences altogether and ended up making themselves at home all over the yard.

I have a thing for cows- scratch that... calves. Every time I drive past some in a field this pitiful "Ohhhh, Baby cows!" escapes my lips before I can stop it. But cow patties all over the yard the kids are playing in? That I do not have a thing for. We chased a couple groups of them out of the yard, PW style - on foot.

Even this little guy...

Although if my horse had been with me on this trip I might have sicked her on him, chased him down, tied him up and took him home in my trunk. He was that cute.

But we got them out and the yard was safe enough even for Mark, who is afraid the cows will bite him.

Instead of reassuring him, I left him to fend for himself and went inside to feed this little booger.

Have you ever seen such hair??? It is like that all the time. It looks so soft and silky, but it is coarse and always sticks out on the crown, just like her father and brother's. Sorry Susie, I don't know what's worse: my hair, or your dad's. At least she has hair, which is more than I could say for her brother at that age.

I turned into an old person this weekend, drinking tons of regular old drip coffee. I am either getting old or just that tired and desperate for the caffeine. Plus it chases these down well...

The coffee and cookies helped me cope with the whole 'cry-it-out' phase of Susanna's sleep training (though I hesitate to call it 'training' since I have been too exhausted/lazy/braindead to really try until now). Meanwhile, the kids turned from the pool and decided to have a squirt gun shoot-off.

That lasted all of 5 minutes before the fights started up. But never fear, grandma is here! Mom has a bubble gun, and when she fired that thing up [well she pulled the trigger, but 'fired up' sounds cooler] those kids came runnin' so fast...

Mark thinks bubbles are a great excuse to run around like a freak with no rhyme or reason to prevent his mother from taking advantage of the photographic opportunities that bubbles present.

That shot was a miracle. But it's okay, my niece was there to let me get beautiful shots of her in the bubble extravaganza...

That one's going in the fair this year!

Look at that one: Maddie is like, "tra-la-la, I'm a fairy princess prancing along in a bubble forest" and Mark is just like, "ahhhhhhhh!" I really think that was the only thought in his mind the whole time. Boys and girls.

At least somebody was there to appreciate the pretty bubbles.

Nothing like a bubble shower on a hot summer day!

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