Saturday, September 28, 2013

diy { adaptable art frames }


Hey y’all.  I wish I was Southern.

I photographed a project today!  Can you even believe it?  I have proof.

The big boy is transitioning into his big boy room upstairs… again.  It’s a long story.  And we’re trying to pull out all the stops this time.  It might involve plumbing shelving you’ve seen on Pinterest a million times.  Yeah.  And I waver between planning some crazy custom bed and pulling up craigslist for something ready to go.  No idea where that one will end up.  But we did get a piece of the room done recently.

DIY art frames that look great and are super easy to switch out artwork whenever my (or his) heart desires!


DSC_0060      DSC_0079



So here’s the lowdown…

This is the pin that inspired the DIY frames and the pin that inspired the pictures that I took of Mark’s favorite toys.


DIY adaptable artwork frames


Board(s) your desired size (mine was a 1x18x48” cut into 3 14x18” pieces)

6 clips

6 screws or nails to fit the hole in the clips

6 nail-less hanging brackets

Stain (or vinegar process)

Wax or Polyurethane if desired


1.  If you’re like me, kill two birds with one stone and have them cut your boards to size at the hardware store.  I love that option.

2.  Sand and stain your boards.  I sanded the corners for a softer look and then used a tea and vinegar process which you’ve seen all over Pinterest I’m sure.  Good directions  and photos are tricky to find… I plan to remedy that for you very soon.  You’re welcome.  I added a coat of Annie Sloan’s clear wax.  It helps bring out the wood grain and is easily wiped clean. 


3.  Mark the locations for your brackets on the back of the frame.  I think I did an inch from the top and three inches in from each side.  Hammer those little babies in.  I like this bracket because you don’t have to juggle hammer, brackets and nails while trying to keep them lined up.  The bracket itself just pounds into the board.


4.  Attach your clips.  I slipped a small black screw through one eye of the clip, and put a screw driver to it through the other eye of the clip, and was able to screw it to the board like that.  This process seemed more secure to me than gluing the clips on. 


5.  Hang your photos or artwork!!



These are pictures that I took of all Mark’s favorite toys.  I had him help me with Iron Man and Mater, and then I set up and photographed the Lego scene as a surprise.  We love how Ironman is standing alone and appears ready to take off.  They’re fun for now, and when the day comes for Mark to update them with new interests, it will be quick and easy. 


I have more to share in Mark’s room as well as Susie’s room!  I am excited to bring you more projects soon!

Blessings this week!

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  1. I love them! That vinegar stain is great, I love the look. : )