Saturday, February 5, 2011

ugly box and chicken talks


I spied this little cedar box with ugly stenciling at a yard sale last summer.  I had it in the barn for a while because it was pretty dirty, but I decided it was time to clean it up and give it a little coat of paint…



I love it now.  I did one coat of Killz primer and then two coats of some leftover paint from Mark’s room and then did a little distressing with a scrap of sand paper.  My OCD might over power me and I might have to redo the “No. 2” because it didn’t turn out quite how I envisioned… or my laziness might over power me and I might turn it around to the other side which is blank.  =)  Anyway, when you are thrift / junk / yard sale shopping – always, ALWAYS, keep in mind what a coat of paint can do.

While I was painting, Mark and Susie were enjoying a favorite past time; ‘talking’ to the chickens at the slider…


He is spazzing out and goofing around in true boy fashion, meanwhile she is enthusiastically and eccentrically lecturing the ladies on something very important…



You must listen to me, ladies… COME HERE RIGHT NOW and pay attention to me!”


“Please, listen to my words!  Are you listening?!”


“If only this glass weren’t between us I would love to just squeeze your little head…”


“Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you young ladies!”



They are younger than her by a few months, actually.  And only slightly smaller than her. =)  They might be the only critters she has ever met that she can boss around.


  1. I think that the box turned out great!
    Love the photos of the kids talking to the chickens!
    By the way...thank you for dropping off the teacup pincushion - it is so cute! :)


  2. we will have to go to mukilteo garage sale this year! I think it is in may.

  3. Love the box- I am definitely a fan of paint!