Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello. My name is Tasha. I am a Thriftaholic.


Mom was gracious enough to take the kids (yes, plural) for three days!  I made the most of my time, prioritizing appropriately, and hit every good thrift store in the surrounding three cities

Here are my random finds… which, by the way, you understand that thrift store shopping is always pretty random, right?  Like, you can’t exactly say, “I want to find a mirror for the living room” and go stroll down the vast selection on the mirror isle.  But, if you make a routine of it and go armed with a list of things you check for each time, and also keep your eyes out for special finds, you might be surprised what you can come away with for cheap!



Teacups for pincushions for the Etsy shop –coming soon, by the way.  -About 50 cents each.




A nice wood framed mirror for the end of the hall.  -$4.99



I have a strange obsession with old-school canning jars for storage.  “Midland” is a first for me.  It sounds so Midwestern and heartland-ish.  I didn’t have a “MASON” one with the star yet either.  I have been finding many “ATLAS” ones lately, but I still love their stout shape.  And these look old to me – but, I really have no idea about their age.   -25 to 50 cents each.



Cute little framed print with a funny story.  I immediately snagged this and put it in the cart.  Then I thought, wait, are they burying someone?  Then I saw a wheelbarrow and a basket and a pitch fork… no, they’re planting and praying for a good harvest, I thought.  I showed two friends and they both thought the same thing – that the people were burying someone. The back said Millet – The Angelus, so I looked it up on Wiki and found that the painting was originally commissioned (requested and made-to-order) by a rich American, of artist Jean-François Millet.  The American never paid or took possession of the painting, so Millet changed the name of it and presented it to the public in 1865.  Later, dispute arose about the meaning behind the painting and it was x-rayed and found that Millet had painted over a coffin-shaped object!  Creepy!  I still kinda like it though.   -$1.99



A painted tray for over my entry door.  $2.50


DSC_0293  DSC_0294  DSC_0307

An Emile Henry Salt Pig.  Keeps your salt handy and the hood shape protects it from germs and food debris.  -$1.99 (retail: $40!!!)

I love hunting down old metal utensils with wood handles.  -50 cents

Tray for dish soap and sponges – at least that is what I am using it for!  Keeps my sponge from constantly sliding off the ledge to the bottom of a sink full of dishes.  - $1.99



Two plain white plates for a collection for my entry.  Their hangers are drying on in this pic, but you will see them soon on the wall!  -$1.99 and 50 cents.



A sweet plate to add to Susie’s wall of art.  This one was marked “collector’s item” and was $6.99 but I am okay paying that much for a piece of art that I love – they are few and far between.



Ahh, and my most favorite find of all.  This is only a preview.  You will get to see it in all its Pottery Barn knock-off glory after I work my magic on it.  -$14.99 talked down to $9.99   {1,000 bonus points to anyone who can guess what it is!}


So that is the recent loot.  Do I have a serious problem?


  1. I love the painting and have seen that before. I love it even more now that I know the story behind it. Thanks!

  2. okay next time I am coming with!

  3. I have a guess, telescope?

  4. You are pretty much right, Miriam - it was an old tripod, but nothing was attached... I think it might be universal for any camera or telescope type device. See what I did with it here: