Tuesday, December 21, 2010

thrift store find, pumpkin scones & underage driving

I am super excited about my thrift store find from last week…


I wasn’t sure it was the right size, but at $4.99 I decided to take a chance. That was a gamble that paid off!


It fit my cake stand perfectly! And it is a seriously great deal because I got the cake stand on clearance at Starbucks for like $6.99 a couple years back! Though I do wonder if a layered cake would be too tall to fit under it? A good excuse to make a cake and test it out! This time I used it for Tammy’s pumpkin scones that Leah blogged about.


I made them when all my chores were done because I have priorities. And needs.


See the 6 loads of chores in the background? And the child eating a pumpkin scone for breakfast? Yeah. I have my priorities straight…


Mark got a chunk of cash from one of his Grandmas for his birthday, and he had just gotten so many toys, I figured I would just save the cash for him till later. Then we found this…


I had looked for them a while back and found them for around $99 at Target. I didn’t find one right away on Craigslist and then forgot about them. Until Mark saw this one from across the parking lot at a used toy store. It was $29.00. I had hoped it would be a little cheaper but Mark’s birthday money covered it, so we got it. Susie likes it too…


Mark’s license is frequently suspended for reckless driving when he crashes her into things and uses excessive speed and Susie too, for obstructing the flow of traffic because her feet don’t touch the ground to make it go.

It is my favorite toy in a long time and they are still loving it… when their licenses are not revoked.


  1. Why don't we ever go thrift store shopping together? Why?
    And...your header is cute. That picture of Suz is cute and why didn't you put a ton more icing on those scones? I drench them. It's such good icing. And forgive me for not calling you back today. Will do tomorrow...cause its late and Im sure your in bed.

  2. Um, because we live too far apart! Is there a 'middle' that we could meet in and thrift shop together? I think I drenched them individually on our plates when I served them! =)