Monday, December 13, 2010

Photography Week - My Kiddos

I'm going to call this Photography Week, because I have a few photography posts to share with you; a couple photo shoots and a wedding!

The first is my own kids... I was waiting until Susie could sit up before getting in a real photoshoot, and here she is walking and I still hadn't done it! I finally got in a quick one the other day. I set up next to the sliding glass door since it is the only light place in my house and the weather was too lousy to go out. I haven't gotten a king size white sheet at the thrift store yet, so I had to use the back of a quilt, which was less than ideal but it works.

Haha, this is what Susie thought of the whole thing...

She was not having it so I went along with Mark who wanted to be in the spotlight...

And then I was able to get a couple good ones with Susie while Mark was holding her...

Can you tell she's about to cry in that last one? She was done. I still kinda like it though!

No, that one above won't be framed, but it leads me into a photography hint... Getting a toddler to sit still while doing nothing and following directions about where to look is next to impossible, but having a little critter, favorite toy or a seasonal item to hold is much easier. Either pick one that you don't mind being in the picture (I like how his alligator added a little pop of color) or choose one that blends in with the backdrop or surroundings.

It also helps to have another person to be wild and silly and get their attention while you are behind the lens paying attention to the photographic opportunities, but I did not have that luxury on this day so it was a short shoot!

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