Monday, September 13, 2010

One Mango Tree

I am working on posts about my lovely weekend away at the beach, but I just found something and I have to share! It helps that if I share I might win a free bag, and you can too...

I've been totally into trying to inject my lame wardrobe with some fashion lately. Well I recently saw cute bags at Target and thought I'd wait till they went on clearance and get me one (big mistake with Target). Of course I couldn't find them anymore, so I looked online and found only one in the style I was looking for. So I looked up the brand, One Mango Tree, on Google. I found their website and they have some neat stuff and a great heart! Here is a blurp from their site:

"One Mango Tree uses a fair trade model to provide income
generating opportunities for women in impoverished and
conflict-ridden areas of the globe. Our first project is now well
underway in northern Uganda, a region devastated by more than
twenty years of armed conflict. The war has taken the lives of
thousands, displaced more than two million, and destroyed the
once-vibrant local culture and economy.

The jobs we've created through our partnership with tailors have
changed the lives and circumstances for hundreds of people in the

Their mission is really neat and the women look so happy! There is a lot more information about what they are doing on their website.

Neither Target nor One Mango Tree will let me "steal" a photo off their site, but go check out One Mango Tree! My favorites are the Weekender, and the Comboni Roots and Jacaranda Blooms Necklaces. If you blog or tweet about them right now, you could win a free Weekender bag. I did, but I think I need one of those necklaces now!

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