Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random Nature Shot

On one of the trips to my moms a couple months back, we went to visit the small mining town of Liberty in the Cascade Mountains. These are the brief highlights. Brief because there is a 6 month old on my lap.

This is the handy work of the local inhabitants...

And here is the full view...

That tree is a mother! How does the little guy know which side of the tree to stand on when they take the last nibble? My husband would critique their job of "facing it" for sure. I think that is what he calls it. He is pretty much a logger.

Then here is one of the nice little country homes in the town, where people still live, by the way, with a rocker on the front porch...

I could probably live in that town except that it is under snow for about half the year.

Look what we were blessed with on the drive home...

Isn't she the sweetest?

Okay, my girl is drawing all over my arms with a ballpoint pen - I think it is time for me to go!

A last piece of furniture was delivered for the MIL's master bedroom today! I think it is big reveal time!!!

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