Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Full Week

On Friday we met my Mom in Snoqualmie, so she could take Mark to meet Thomas the Steam Engine. Not Thomas the Train. Thomas the Steam Engine. He tells me when I get it wrong. A lot. Anyway, he was stoked...

When we arrived we got to see him puff by, and Mark was fixated. Then he passed and all the loud noisy cars went by and I thought for a minute he would jump back in the car...

But he was brave. He got to ride on the train Thomas was pulling (Thomas is the engine, so you don't exactly get to ride on him). He was successful at getting some goodies from grandma in the souvenir shop. He got ice cream. He got to have his mother take a picture of him through the fence because the whole thing was commercialized and I refused to let him stand at the front by Thomas's face and pay for that photo in the gift shop.

He was fine with it though. He was a trooper - it was swelteringly hot and he had been sick the day before with a 101.5 fever. When we were taking his picture, he kept saying he didn't want a picture, he wanted to go on some other thing... I thought he meant this neat little train car...

No. He wanted to go in the bouncy house. What is up with those? I never got to go in those when I was a kid and I turned out fine. Right? [crickets] They are full of wild kids, usually big kids, germs, who knows what else. Though I did always dream of swimming through the ball pits when I was a kid, and never got to. Anyway, he didn't get to go back for the bouncy house since it was so hot and he had just been sick. That's when we took our ice-cream break.

Susanna was a trooper too. She reclined the whole time in Mark's hand-me-down stroller, and barely made a peep.

I made her wait for like 15 minutes to get this one of Thomas when he came back from one of his runs...

And when we got home, Mark had some R&R at the other grandma's house...

Then today, we were going to dinner at Ty's aunt's for fried chicken. What goes better with fried chicken than apple pie? So I made mine and, Leah, this is for you...

I was a big girl and made a pretty crust!!! It wasn't your Martha Stewart recipe because I couldn't find it, but I used a double batch to make sure I could roll it big enough and I pinched it just fine. I feel like such a better housewife now. ; )

And, I noticed, when I make my own crust, the crust shields actually cover the crust, unlike the frozen cheap ones I usually buy that are so small, the shield does nothing for them and they burn.

And no, the pie is not cooked. I was just pulling out the pie when it was time to go, so I did not pause to take a pic. Maybe tomorrow when I have my piece for breakfast I will share. A picture, that is.

Tomorrow, I get a tan, my horse gets a bath, the garden gets watered, beans get planted, car gets washed and vacuumed, groceries get bought, ... do you think I am over committing?


  1. Poor guy...just couldn't get a smile out of him for one picture. He looks so sad in all my pictures. I hope he is back to himself now.
    Good job on the pie Tash!

  2. He looks adorable with his little fishing pole! And I would like some of that pie now, thank you.