Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mr. Mouse

I know I haven't shown up here for a while, but I have been doing very important things like watching these antics...

Mom and I were visiting on the couch, when Mark came down the stairs from his nap and said, "Oh! A mouse!" We both grumbled and got up off the couch, saying, "where?" and found the little guy wandering around the patio! Boy were we surprised! I captured him and we observed his antics until Daddy Ty came home and did this...

It was funny because usually Mark finds a critter and says "he wants to find a new home" and dumps them in the grass right in front of the door. Not this time, this time when I told him Daddy would help him find a new home in the woods, he said, "No, he is going to live in here with us." You can imagine what I said.

Anyway, what I have really been working on while not blogging are Mother-in-Law master bedroom and living room reveals! And a chicken coop re-do, too. So stay tuned, hang in there, bear with me. And all that.

I also might have some sweet photos to share this weekend that will make your mouth water. =)

1 comment:

  1. Ewww, gross! I would have been chasing it around with a hammer. Gonna have a little talk with Mark about wanting to keep rodents.