Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Progress - Master Bedroom Lamp Swap

Debbie and I purchased the Pottery Barn Eva Lamp for Debbie's bedroom several months ago. After a while, she decided she didn't like it for her room. She boxed it up and put it in her garage and asked me to return it and find something else to try. Then I had a baby and forgot all about it. When I went to return it this week it had been too long and they wouldn't take it back. Oops. Bad Decorator! So I took it home and... I might as well... no use having it sit around lonely and neglected in the box... I'm not going to keep it... I have to take pictures of it for CL anyway... and I just want to see...

Yeah, I had been looking for a lamp for my dresser with no luck, so I set it up in my bedroom. And it was okay. I have MUCH trouble finding acceptable lamps, no matter who's space I'm working on, so "okay" is pretty good with me. I had planned to sell it on CraigsList for her, and kept telling myself I didn't need such an expensive lamp. But it was the best thing I had seen so far so I wavered.

Then I was walking through Target knocking items off a list which did not contain 'lamp', when I saw what I didn't know I had been looking for -- at least not at Target...

It was chunky and charming and coordinated with the scheme in my room...

It gives me a little dejavu and I am pretty sure it is a late PB knock off. It seems like PB made one just like this in the past, though I can't find it online. With the Eva Lamp and shade totaling $99, the Target model comes in much cheaper at only $55 including the shade. I'm sold - Target model it is!

Anyone need an Eva Lamp? I'll start the bidding at half price!

And to top it off, I got one of the Target lamps for Debbie's room, too! =)

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