Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Farm Chicks Finds

That's what I came away with. Not all of it is for me. Here is the lowdown on the Farm Chicks loot!...

Red wire basket for my MIL: $39
Clear old canning jars for my MIL (project details to come): $12, $3.50, $5, $5
Squirrel (hiding in basket) for MIL: $40 (originally $45)
Bird in squirrel's hands: FREE w/ squirrel purchase! (originally $15!)

The squirrel and bird were purchased from Hutch Studios which I blogged about in this morning's post.

Blue jars to finish out my collection: $12, $6, $5
Keys for who-knows-what: $6
The red re-usable bags were free with a weekend pass.

Wooden tray for MIL: $14
Locker basket for MIL: $17 (I wish I would have gotten one for me! I have wanted one forever - where was my brain?)
Squirrel for me: $40 (splurge! originally $45)
Round mirror for MIL: $12
Blue framed mirror hiding in back: $35 (originally $58!)
Shelf for MIL: $40 (originally $48)

So that's what we got! The total saved by negotiating (I'm so tough ;) on Sunday was $56!!! Maybe we should have tried that on Saturday, too! But it was a ton of fun and I highly recommend it to any decorators, crafters, shoppers or junk lovers out there.

I just have to say, this is the cutest creature in the entire world...

Everybody needs a handcrafted squirrel made of Belgian burlap and a vintage wool blanket holding a tiny handmade birdie, right? Right?

I'll show you how I decorated with the goods soon!

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