Tuesday, August 20, 2013

thrift junky chronicles { 23 }


I’ve been A) distracted and B) trying especially hard to stay within my budget lately, which = not much thrifting or yard sale-ing.  That sounds backwards, but for us, thrifting and yard sale shopping is usually for decorating and fun projects – not so much saving money on normal every day stuff.  So I’ve been trying to finish projects have supplies for already and trying not to buy any. more. vintage. goodies.

Insert sad, pouting face here.

It’s been killing me.  Every. Time. I drive past a garage sale.  A little piece of me dies.  Overdramatic?  Yes.

But seriously, I’ve been suffering withdrawals.

Until this weekend.





I didn’t even have my own garage sale profits in my pocket for 24 hours before I found this loot on the roadside.  $20 total.  And I didn’t get a great close up of the 3 doilies and the hanky.  Everything at this sale was amazingly vintage.  It’s a locally famous charity sale at an old farm house.  A+ every time.  They don’t even advertise; they just put a sign at the driveway and people pour in.

I also purchased a vintage sink, but was vetoed by the hubby.  I guess it was a little *too* vintage.  Purchased for $10; sold on CL for $20.  Back to plan A.  It’s okay, plan A was a good one.  Someday when we actually execute the plan, I’ll share the bathroom.

BUT I have been executing some plans around here.  Moving a boy upstairs, and trying to now make a boyish boy room and a girly girl room.  Fun stuff.  Not to mention a bathroom finish-up AND a bathroom freshen up that need to get done.  Tying up loose ends.  It’s boring here on the blog but it’s needed on the home front. 

I’ll try to be back soon with something share-worthy.  In the mean time, have a lovely day/week/ “until next time!”


  1. Love the tow truck! ;D


  2. Uggg... That camera is killing me! Love your finds. : )