Saturday, August 10, 2013

Farmhouse Friday on Saturday

I had this all ready to go yesterday but had no Internet! Can we let it slide on a Saturday "just this once?? "

We were road tripping this past week on a little family vacation. Lame campgrounds were visited. A highly popular vaca destination lake was discovered to be so frigid you could hardly go in it, let alone play in it. An expensive dinner was purchased at a restaurant with the word "inn" in the name. I think Ty now agrees that's generally a bad idea. But we spent three whole days together which was needed after hubby worked 16 days straight. It was good. And we did have one hit - a family friendly water slide park was enjoyed for most of a day. We're now happy campers.

And I did find a farmhouse and make Ty flip a u turn on the freeway to get a shot of it. It was a small freeway. And the house was in an orchard, and had an old Ford in the driveway, people.  When we passed it again later there was a lady wearing a summer dress watering the garden. So sweet. Enjoy!

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