Friday, May 24, 2013

friday farmhouse { 5 }


This edition, my friends, is an all-time favorite.


This is a farmhouse out in the wilds near my parents’ place.  I would guess that it actually was a farm house back in the day, before the valley was broken up into smaller vacation properties.  It has been lovingly taken care of over the years and hubby and I have always admired it and said we would buy it some day.  Though it’s current owners obviously have a deep affection for it, so that should prove difficult to impossible!  I love the porch (complete with tulip chairs) and it actually has a sweet little matching garage, as well.

We are thinking about re-siding our house this year, and this will be my style guide for siding, window trim and corbels.  Love it.  But, of course, mine will be white-on-white! 


  1. I love Farm House Friday!♥

  2. is that the one that has the blue chair on the porch??

  3. All the times we thought about stealing those chairs ;)