Thursday, May 2, 2013

fashion finds

hello world. 

I’ve had a crazy couple week helping a friend plan a big event and also planning my own little event that I hosted at my church!  But I picked the quickest blog post I could whip out, downed some tea and here I am. 

Multiple friends and I have talked lately about wanting tops that we can just wear, without having to layer tanks under, or cardigans over.  Tops you just throw on with a necklace and you’re good to go.  Well, I finally found some the past couple weeks.  Here they are:FASHION BLOG

1. Old Navy Crew Neck Pocket Tee (nice and flowy and looks good tucked in front with belt or left out.  I got shown color and also white)

2. Old Navy Tab-Sleeve Crew Neck Sweater (fits nicer in real life than in picture)

3. GAP Rugby Stripe Roll Sleeve Tee (cute and flowy untucked, too with scalloped side hems, I got black and still want white. more colors available in stores than online)

4. Target Merona Boatneck Colorblock Top (has a cute zipper at neck in the back) makes me feel trendy; colorblocking?  that is what fashion bloggers talk about!  I’m underqualified, for sure. 


Two of these I found through bloggers so I thought I’d pass along the finds to you.


Oh, I forgot one.  I bought these dreadful things, too…


Don’t worry yourself – I did fix my hair before I went on my hot date.  My hot date where my husband couldn’t stop looking at my new neon pants.  And I don’t think it was in a good way.  I think he was confused by them; I asked if he like them but the best answer I could get out of him was “I don’t know… they’re…” then I would try to help him brainstorm adjectives, none of which were what he was thinking, then the conversation became too awkward and we had to move on to other subjects. 

They’re the 1969 Always Skinny from GAP (couldn’t find them online).  They remind me of the vintage orange FiestaWare that is actually radioactive.  True story.  They really looked a little neon/a little muted in the store… then I was driving to my friend’s house and looked down and thought to myself “yikes- these things look preeettttty neon… it must be the lighting…” then I got to my friend’s house and she promptly proclaimed, “WHOA!  Those are NEON!  You’re braver than me.”  Um, said friend is adorable and, oh, about, almost ten years younger than me.  Hmmmm.  I’ve been a little scared of them since that day.

ANYWHOO—that is quite enough talk about my awkward fashion-ness.  Have you had any great fashion finds lately!?

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  1. Your friend is "adorable"? lol I thought they were pretty cool. Just so ya know ;)