Thursday, April 4, 2013

bad timing

Of course the day I drop off the laptop-with-a-screen-that-looks-like-psychological-ink-blob-pictures-of-doom to be fixed, I come up with four blog posts I want to write but can't because the pics are on said laptop.  It's the way of the world. That's what I get for driving away with the laptop on the roof of the car.

I was in California over the weekend with a dear friend, visiting another dear friend. It was the best. My cheeks were sore from laughing enough that I considered it a core workout.  I tried to get a workout lifting and carrying my friends new baby but she was too tiny, I could not tire of holding her little preciousness that for a minute made me miss the smell of babies.  It was a quick minute.  And don't tell my husband I even said that. Lord knows that man's quiver is bigger than mine.

My friend showed us her favorite places to eat and we went shopping -okay, several times, and I got some terrifying neon pants and we stayed up too late talking -constructively arguing, and she made us an Easter ham because we accidentally booked our trip over Easter after we had accidentally booked a month long trip before that and had to reschedule. We don't usually get out much.

It was highly refreshing and relaxing and rejuvenating. I can now resume everyday life.

Thanks for having us, Leah, and for being an excellent and most generous hostess and Eric for putting up with us, though I know you enjoyed every minute of our antics! And thanks for being a true friend, Kristel, and being willing to accompany me and endure any possible panic attacks I feared might have been provoked on the airplane.

Hope you all had a swell weekend!  And I just realized it's almost the weekend again already! Yikes!


  1. So glad you enjoyed your time away!

  2. her being too tiny for a workout cracked me up. We sucked at getting pics of the three of us...I think we can blame that on a certain blonde ;)